Wednesday, March 18, 2009

so i was in a hurry to do this cuz my daughter was getting very mad at me! i really liked how it turned out but the look during i looked like a trailer park hooker! haha!
let me kno wat you think about it... i really am getting into the false eyelashes and loving them.
here im using NYC liquid eyeliner $1.79 and ELF natural lashes $1 my barry m lipstick in marshmellow $7 Everyday minerals foundation, concealer and finishing powder... ( for free samples)  Covergirl waterproof eyeliner in black $2 on my waterline but im not loving the stuff right now... im expecting my HIP creme liner $12 in the mail sometime this week and i will do a review on it... and on my lower lashes im wearing loreal original voluminous mascara $5, and just a lil bit of Bonnebelle on top to mix in the natural lashes with the false ones... i would love to see your ideas for a everday glam look!

i love going grocery shopping in heals with skinny jeans and a cute top... i think its fun cuz then ppl look at you like  "wow she's really put herself together" when in actuality i dont have anything better to do with my time... haha

i also used lash grip waterproof adhesive to glue on my falsies and i live by this glue its awesome. i wouldnt ever even touch the ELF glue to my eyes! 

the next blog i will post will be a 2nd chance for makeup cuz i have alot of things that i just dont use or i opened and i didnt like so i will have to give them there fair chance at a wonderful life on my face!

my current fav products are: ELF: Candy Shop Lip Tins in : Frosting Fanatic and Coconut Crazed... 
the ELF Natural Lash Kit, and there Super Shiny Lip Shine in Angel and Candlelight
My barry m Lip paint in 101 marshmellow
NYC Matte Bronzer in Sunny
ELF all over color sticks in Lilac Petal and Toasted (good for a bronzer base)

let me know your current faves!

also i really wanna try the lip moisturizer from mac... lets see if i can get myself to spend that much money!!!

i love just going into the dollar tree and spending like $100 and seeing wat i come out with! i love buying there dollar makeup and seeing if its something worth keeping or maybe even goin back for the rest! lol
i also buy the fake flowers from there to use as hair accessories i will have to do a tutorial about how i make them cuz its kinda confusing unless you sit there for an hour trying to figure it out which is how i did it!
i also love there dishes and vases... i bought a vase and some riverrocks there and made a gorgeous brush holder that, if i wanted to, i could take out the brushes and use as a center piece cuz it looks amazing... and total it was $2
can't beat that! 
i just love bargain hunting its my all time fav thing to do!
and sometimes you can find name brand things there! i just stumbled upon the Loreal Studio Hair Fix hair spray! i bought two cuz i knew i would just fall in love with it like i did!!! 

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