Monday, June 1, 2009

ok so i guess its time to crack down on this damn blog thingy huh? i just get so overwhelmed with everthing urgh... but i thought this would be a nice change in pace and i could maybe vent more here? well lets start the venting... today i called sprint to take advantage of my upgrade and my hunny was on the phone for no shit three hours long and they were price matching everything... they said that they price match this particular phone to make it free then when it came time to end the conversation the bitch asked for a credit card number so she could charge eighty nine bucks... fuckin liars so i told them to basically kiss my ass and im ending my contact then the lady got bitchy at me cuz she spent sooo much time doing this and didnt get the sale! so i hung up on that bitch and called someone else bitched them out and wrote a horrible message to the head honchos because they false advertised that they would price match anyone... WHAT THEY REALLY DO IS ONLY PRICE MATCH THERE OWN FUCKING WEBSITE!!!!!!!! THATS NOT PRICE MATCHING THATS SELLING AN ITEM FOR YOUR OWN PRICE DUMB FUCKS!!! 

i cant afford to pay two hundred for a phone i want so now im stuck with a shitty phone and sprint wins again.... i do not reccomend going with sprint they have sucked us dry and they have sent my hunny six phones in the last month no joke cuz they kept sending him refurbished pieces of shit!!! wat a company huh? they suck your better off with verizon or even a prepaid service!

ok sorry for ranting i just am sooo fed up with it all!!!!!!!!!!!

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