Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 2 of The Master Cleanse

so i started my day out with a sea salt water flush. it went good... lots of bowel movements... i could see where the sea salt flush cleanses your system, but definetly drink the whole liter. then day as normal.... then i started feeling dizzy (note the headaches yesterday) so i decided that i need to put food in my body... i cant be pestered with the dizzy's all day i have a daughter to chase! so i made a frozen chicken breast in the oven with nothing but garlic salt... then added the chicken to a bed of organic baby spinach with slivered almonds and Newman's All Natural Balsamic Vinigarette... YUM. so good and i didnt feel guilty at all... i got in some mild afternoon exercise and kept on downing the water... here are some pics of the things i have been using in my diet.
stay beautiful

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