Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lost 6 Lbs

hey lovelies... so after losing 6 lbs im ready to lose more and to get my body in the best possible condition inside and out....
on that note... do you think i should start selling Mary Kay? i really want to know what you all think...
stay fantabulous

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  1. That is so awesome! I love to hear when others are losing weight. Wish it was working for me! What have you done? I've been wanting to start doing some YT videos, but I feel the need to lose some weight first!

    Sale Mary Kay! I'm an MK consultant myself. I used to sale it years ago and then just let it go. I reinstated back in October. I'm not really selling it hard core right now, but I'm planning to. I also sale lia sophia jewelry (check it out: My goal this year is to get both of them bringing in some nice cash so my hubby will get off my back about joining both - haha!

    Good luck!